Process Overview

As a full-service interior design studio, we specialize in residential interiors, and understand that every project is uniquely personal.  Every client is distinct. Every budget is different. That’s why our process is holistic from start to finish. Our passion for design and the desire to improve your happiness and comfort is our driving force! Whether the project is modern, traditional, a remodel, new construction, or purely decorative, we promise to create a space with a fresh, elegant perspective that exceptionally captures your personality and desires.

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During this important phase, we will conduct a visioning session to get to know you better and explore your goals.  We typically begin with an in-person visit to understand the opportunities and constraints of the new space and the functions it will accommodate.  We always want to know two things: How do you live in your home now, and how do you want to live in your new home?   We focus on practical questions to help create the foundation for comfortable and functional spaces.  We equally encourage you to find images of things you like in magazines, on the web, or even taking pictures yourself…visuals that help us get to know you better and the style you migrate towards.  The challenge of great interior design is to create elegant, functional spaces – beautiful homes that work well for the people who live in them. By the end of the interview we want you to feel confident and excited about your new home.

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design phase

Once we have a good understanding of your wants and needs, we get to work interpreting and implementing a strategy.  We will work closely with your architect, if you have one, to make changes to floor plans and address any concerns we have identified.  Our design services cover all aspects of an interior from selecting construction finishes to the furniture, wallcoverings, window treatments, and carpeting.  At the end of this phase we will prepare a design presentation. You can give us your feedback, and from there we will work collaboratively to create a home that reflects your style and addresses your needs.

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This is the best part…where our vision becomes your reality! Once the details are aligned we start the process of pricing the selections we’ve made together.  All pricing will be submitted in written proposal format for your review and final approval. Once approved, we start procurement and monitor orders throughout the process until final installation.  We make ourselves available to your contractor to supervise job-site implementation of our designs and specifications. We will oversee the final installation of all goods procured through Noami DeVore Interiors.  You can expect a hands-on approach from the first time we put pen to paper until the last pillow is in place – and that’s our promise!